Apps for Life

Hundreds of phone apps are available for download today. They can be used to shop, wake you up, count calories, listen to radio stations, manage your contents, play music, play games and keep up with the news. No wonder they call them smart phones!  But, what if we had an app store for life?  We do!  It’s called the bible and includes many different kinds of apps to enhance and improve our lives.  Join us in this series as we identify some of those apps to live by.

  • April 23 – “The Encouragement App”
  • April 30 – “The Forgiveness App”
  • May 7 – “The Anger Management App”
  • May 14 – Wow Women (Mothers Day)
  • May 21 – “The Trust App”
  • May 28 – “The Worry App”
  • June 4 – “The Confession App”
  • June 11 – “The Unanswered Prayer App”
  • June 18 – “The Rest App” - Father’s Day 
  • June 25 – “The Money App”

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