New Series What Would Jesus Undo

What Would Jesus Undo

We've all heard the question "What would Jesus do", but have you ever wondered what he would undo? The New Testament is filled with Jesus undoing anything that causes separation between God and the people He loves.  This series will explore what Jesus might undo in today's culture.

August 19- Walls

August 26- Greed

September 2- Neglect

September 16- Impotent Religion

September 23- Empty Worship

September 30- Pride

October 7- Condemnation

Added Resource: "What would Jesus undo" by Michael Boggs

 Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Our world is full of battles.  The most recent information puts the United States in 10 official wars and 8 active military battles involving 64 countries and 576 militias and separatist groups. But if  you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you too are in a battle.  A Christian is involved in spiritual warfare!  If we as Christians are victorious in Jesus Christ, why are so many losing their battle?  Maybe they don't even realize there is a war going on  for their very soul.  Ephesians 6:10-20 speaks of a battle suit that can prepare all Christians for any battle they face.  So, lets gear up for victory and see what God's word says about winning our battles!

June 3rd to August 12th 2018

June 3- Let's Get Ready to Rumble

June 10- Why the Rumble?

June 17- Strapping Down Deception

June 24- Defending Fatal Blows

July 1- Footwear for Peace

July 8- Bullet Proof Belief

July 15- Headgear Protection

July 22- Worship Sunday

July 29- Mission Trip Sharing

August 5- Weapon Up

August 12- Position of Possibility