New Life Family Volunteer/Serve Opportunities

Please see below a variety of serve opportunities that you may be interested in. The Categories are as follows: Miscellaneous, Food Pantry, Prayer, Discipleship, Worship Arts, Youth, and Children's Ministry.


Miscellaneous Opportunities 

  •  Greeter
  •  Usher
  •  Special even coordinator
  •  Set-up - tear-down for special events
  •  Baptism assistant
  •  Sanctuary care
  •  Facility care
  •  Newcomers host
  •  Pastor’s dessert host
  •  Sunday Morning Sanctuary set-up
  •  Lawn care volunteer
  •  Landscape care
  •  Special event parking attendant
  •  Creative team member
  •  Message research team
  •  Welcome center volunteer
  •  Outreach/missions/serve event coordinator
  •  Outreach/missions/serve event volunteer
  •  Coffee Café volunteer

Email Ralph Eaton @ if you are interested in hearing more about the Miscellaneous Volunteer/Serve Opportunities.



Food Pantry

  •  Administrative Office help
  •  Light Housekeeping
  •  Back Snack Driver for Thursday Mornings
  •  Food Pantry Workers

Email if you are interested in hearing more about the Food Pantry Volunteer/Serve Opportunities

Prayer Ministry

  •  Prayer Team Leaders
  •  Help with planning, material development, and teaching for prayer meeting/gatherings.
  •  Help plan and implement special Prayer events i.e. Seminars, retreats, prayer walks, etc.
  •  Prayer Partners -Pray Intercessory Prayer prior to service on Sunday and after the service as well.
  •  Visitation -Visit /pray with shut ins, people in need of companionship, and healing to include  emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

Email if you are interested in hearing more about the Prayer Volunteer/Serve Opportunities.


  •  Women’s life group leader & apprentice
  •  Men's life group leader & apprentice
  •  Community service project leader & apprentice
  •  Hospitality leader (when someone is sick/down within group can be a go to person and trainer for  leaders) & apprentice
  •  Leaders, facilitators, and hosts for different types of life groups & support and training for them.


Worship Arts

  •  Vocalist or Band member … this requires audition with Worship Pastor
  •  Slide/Computer Tech (create and/or run slides for services)
  •  Sound Tech (run soundboard for services)
  •  Copy sermons to CD … this can be done in Linda’s office on Thursdays or Fridays (download saved    sermon onto computer, edit, save and make CD’s and CD labels as requested)
  •  Stage Setup – this would require coming by 8:00 am on Sundays / 1-1/2 hrs before other services:  (setup microphones, mic stands, music stands, keyboard, amps … hookup – create hookup chart for  instruments & vocals … actual hookup of cables onstage and in snake … sound check to make sure  everything is in right place and working before service)
  •  Stage design (to come up with creative ways to add visuals to the stage for different sermon series  and/or holidays, etc)
  •  Video – be able to create videos, add them to desktop in format that will work with our presentation
  •  Prepare communion – purchase (church pays for the elements) and prepare communion elements (juice  trays, juice cups, juice filler, baskets, juice, bread) and have them ready for services, when needed …  also clean up after services.


Youth Ministry

  •  Worship vocalist and band members
  •  General volunteer – set up / break down & lead games
  •  Intercessory prayer member- someone to pray with the kids
  •  Leader for small group bible studies

Children’s Ministry

  •  Be a teacher or helper in children’s classes
  •  Resource helper: make sure we have resources needed on-hand (keeping supplies in resource room for  teachers, etc)
  •  Craft help: find or create crafts for various lessons … help prepare crafts for lessons (usually involves  cutting our various shapes for craft, making 1-2 samples for kids to look at) – this could be a take-  home project and brought back before classes on Sunday morning
  •  Video resources: locate and purchase/download/save video clips or short movies that will go along with  lessons … bring them on Sundays for kids to watch
  •  Decorations: decorate kids rooms, hallway for various seasons, special events, holidays, etc
  •  Games: come up with age-appropriate games for 5th Sundays (Funday-Sunday) and/or for kids to play  occasionally on Sundays (to support the lesson or thought for that day)
  •  Puppet Team: find puppet shows that will go along with a topic or story that the kids are learning …  make sure puppets are ready for Sunday … be part of the puppet skit (working a puppet or human  character) … create your own puppet skits … design and make a puppet stage (portable) for skits
  •  Music: come up with songs for kids to learn … work with the kids to help them learn songs/actions …  help with kids performances (or help someone else who is doing music)
  •  Snacks: provide snacks for kids classes and/or special events, holidays, etc
  •  Setup: come early on Sunday mornings to get supplies to each class … lanyards, sign-up sheets, bio  sheets, craft supplies, story, misc supplies, snacks, etc (everything is provided and just needs to be  taken to classes & checked to make sure everything is there)